The Quarantini Struggle

The Quarantini Struggle

By now, you’ve seen something like these winding their way through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The pithy, lighthearted memes like, “Your quarantine alcoholic name is your first name followed by your last name,” or the many, many, many recipes for Quarantinis. 

They’re fun, right? A lighthearted way to acknowledge that $#!% is hard right now, but hey, having a glass of wine or five will make everything a little better.

Our founders have eight kids under eight between us. We get it. We always want one more Manhattan. 

And besides, a lil’ nightcap can turn a bad day to a glad day, amirite? 

But as Corinne Purtill opined in a recent column in the New York Times: “At a time when… the clink of ice cubes in a glass or the crack of a can may seem like one of the few ways left to distinguish evening from day, or weekend from week. But as the weeks in quarantine pile up, what started out as a way to unwind may, for some, start to feel like an unexpectedly stubborn habit.”

That’s one of the reasons we created Spiritless. Our non-alcoholic bourbon — yes, you read that right — allows us to enjoy just one more without the guilt or after-effects of over-indulgence. It empowers us to make health-conscious cocktails, whether we’re ordering it up entirely Spiritless or “going halfsies” to eliminate some of the ABV. We can do more by having less. 

The fact that it’s low-cal and low-carb, well. That’s just the cherry on top of our Manhattan.

We’re excited to launch pre-sales of our booze-less beauty, Kentucky 74, which has all the flavor and feels of the full-proof stuff, sans alcohol. It’s the first of what we hope will be many additions to the no-and-low-proof cocktail culture.

Learn more about our “Less is Yes!” mentality — and reserve your bottle of our signature Kentucky 74 — at