It's Margarita Season

'tis time for tequila

Don't Call it a Comeback

Spiced is back for good
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Love at First Sip

While supplies last, try our 375ml Jalisco 55 Tequila or Kentucky 74 Bourbon for only $15. Use Code: GETSIPPIN15 at checkout.

A Better for you Bourbon

Traditionally distilled in Kentucky, this non-alcoholic spirit has all the familiar notes of full-proof bourbon.

Oh, yes you CAN!

Our oh-so-amazing-and-still-Spiritless pour-over cans take the fuss and muss out of mixing cocktails. Simply pop the top, pour over ice and enjoy!


Spiritless was a wonderful surprise! Great flavor. Tried with friends who mixed it with full strength and everyone enjoyed a little less alcohol and plenty of flavor. Can't wait to make a Julep!


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I have tried almost every alcohol-free option on the market...I should have known it would be the women of the world that would perfect it! I'll #OrderItSpiritless from now on! Thank you!


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The best alternative whiskey. I've pretty much tried every non-alcoholic whiskey alternative on the market and Kentucky 74 is, by far, the best. I would recommend it to anyone for any season!

Daniel Schmidt

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Can't Wait For More!

I get to have a tasty beverage that reminds me of the bourbon I gave up without negatives of daily alcohol. Will be a repeat customer. Can't wait for you all to come out with more products.

Jackson Morrow

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Wonderful NA spirit!

I have tried all sorts of NA wines/champagnes/ spirits etc. and have hated every one of them so I thought I would give this product a try to see if it was like all the other sad, watery, disappointments. I was a little apprehensive based on my previous experiences, but was seriously so surprised when I tried it. I actually liked it a lot. It is about time someone makes a quality NA spirit. Really grateful

Phil Patton

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Oak and Smoke!

Makes a wicked whiskey sour! If you every wondered what a whiskey sour made with a Pappy 23 would taste like this would be it. KY74 is a unique punch of oak and smoke that makes a mixed drink taste like you used some very old and expensive bourbon. Drinking straight will take some time to get use to but it blends and mixes really well.

Todd Hall

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Distilled in small batches in the USA, Spiritless doesn't compromise on taste. Our Non-Alcoholic bourbon is underpinned by the familiar notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Vegan, Gluten Free, and Keto Friendly

Made from Natural Ingredients


As Seen In

It’s Spiritless.

Distilled, non-alcoholic, and crafted for your favorite bourbon cocktails. Pair Kentucky 74 with a favorite full-proof spirit in your cocktail of choice, or order it Spiritless. #LessIsYes

Cocktails on your terms.

Spiritless supports the conscientious cocktailers, the no-and-low-ers, the people who want to live fully but drink differently. Our big goal? For tastemakers all over the world to #OrderItSpiritless and know their tastebuds and lifestyles will be rewarded — all day, every day and any time of day.

The result is our Kentucky 74.

A beautifully distilled non-alcoholic spirit crafted to complement your favorite bourbon cocktails. It serves up a high-quality, smooth finish... without sacrificing flavor, without the calories, and especially without the regrettable, I-need-to-rethink-my-life-choices next days.