Foundational Truths

Spiritless was founded by three women juggling the long hours of entrepreneurism, the skepticism of a male-dominated industry, the expectations of motherhood, the fulfillment of mentoring, the intimacy of partnership and the desire to carve out just five minutes of zen.

Well. In the words of Tim Gunn, we “made it work.” We had more than our share of setbacks, heartaches and hardships. We learned a few lessons about what not to do. 

We also learned a few foundational truths. Like how important it is to empower up-and-comers. To surround ourselves with good people. To trust our guts. To advocate for optimism. To inspire through big words and even bigger actions.

2% for the Girls

Step Up.

Want In?

2% for the Girls may be brand-new, but we’re all in. We’re looking forward to extending our impact in the second half of 2021 and into 2022. To be considered for future partnerships, drop us a line and tell us a little more about your mission at or simply fill out the form below.