Spiritless is Now Available at Total Wine

Spiritless is Now Available at Total Wine

Take the best present you’ve ever received for a birthday; the highest honor you’ve ever earned at work; the biggest and most fun celebration you’ve ever hosted. Savor the memory of the excitement, anticipation and joy you felt in that moment. Now multiply all those feels by about eleventy billion and you’ll understand how we felt on June 1st, when Spiritless began sharing shelf space with other alcohol alternatives at Total Wine & More

To put it mildly, the feeling. was. epic.

This is Spiritless’s first foray into physical retail space, and we’re blown away seeing Kentucky 74 alongside fellow non-alcoholic category groundbreakers like Seedlip and Ritual Zero Proof. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come in a year plagued by a pandemic, production delays, shipping snafus and more false starts than we care to count. 

 Plus, it’s a little like that old Johnny Cash song, I’ve Been Everywhere. You know, the one where he lists all the cities he’s been to on his travels?  Kentucky 74 can now be discovered along rugged coastlines, mountain vistas, endless deserts, and hills and plains from sea to shining sea. With 214 stores across 26 states, it’s easy to find a Total Wine & More. Email us to confirm a location near you!

We’re also incredibly grateful for you, our loyal customers! You’ve hung with us through thick and thin. Whatever big moves we make next, we’ll never forget that the first one started with you. Thank you. 


Lauren, Abbey, and Lexie