June 8th: National Best Friend Day

June 8th: National Best Friend Day

Thank you for being a friend!

Way back in 2019—which feels like forever ago, if we’re being honest—the three of us decided to take a gamble on something that seemed pretty impossible: distill a spiritless spirit. Once we committed to the idea that, yes, we could distill a non-alcoholic spirit that supports a no-and-low-alcohol lifestyle, there was no turning back.

Armed with a love of bourbon and a lot of gumption, we quit our day jobs and quickly threw ourselves into learning everything we could about distillation. And reverse distillation. We learned about ingredients. Blending. How to recreate the mouthfeel of a fine spirit, without the “mouth punch” of alcohol. We got seriously schooled in science—and magic.

We picked every entrepreneur’s brain we could, endlessly seeking knowledge, best practices and tips. We hit up investors for operating capital. We learned that handshake agreements and the occasional, “I need a favor,” do still have a place in business.

We became experts in what it takes to completely shut down, wipe down, tear down, build up and scale up a production facility. We agonized over finding the exact right shade of red for our label. We pivoted, switched gears, did a 180.

We also learned resilience—because, COVID. We found our path… and then we started using our voice to advance others and amplify causes we care about, like 2% for the Girls.

But you know the best part of our Spiritless journey? We’re doing it with our best friends.

Spiritless was born from heart, hustle and hard work… but it was also born from the fierce loyalty of friendship. The three of us—Lauren, Abbey and Lexie—begin and end as friends not just entrepreneurs. We cherish every disagreement, every win, every loss, every heartache, every hard time and every everything in between. It’s a pretty special bond; one that we don’t take lightly, or for granted.

So when National Best Friend Day rolls around this year on June 8, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll stop in our tracks, have a quick dance party and celebrate the fact that after all the blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and time away from our babies and boos—we’re here. We made it. We’re in each other’s corners and have each other’s backs. And it feels damn good.

You know, we count you among our friends, too. You took a gamble on our vision and we hope it’s paying off. So why not let us repay your kindness with a discount?

Order a bundle by midnight and save $5 by using the code 'BFF'.

It’s our way of saying, “Thank you for being a friend.”

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Lauren, Abbey, and Lexie