Build a Beautiful Bar Cart

Build a Beautiful Bar Cart

Last week’s newsletter, Anatomy of a Bottle, waxed poetic on just how pretty Kentucky 74 is. It got us thinking about the many ways one might display a bottle of Spiritless — and, naturally, that got us thinking about bar carts. After all, who doesn’t love a bar on wheels for showcasing their gorgeous vintage glassware, chic shaker, and soup-tureen-turned-citrus-bowl?! 

A quick scan of Pinterest and Instagram will reveal no shortage of inspiration for styling the perfect bar cart. We thought we’d round up a few of our fave tips and tricks. 

Pick a Color Theme: Whether you go for bold and bright, neutrals and metallics, or the ever-so-classic black and white, pick a color palette and stick to it. 

Make a Statement: Select a statement piece — an incredible sculpture, a smoking cloche, some sparkly stemware or just a really lively bouquet of flowers — and make it the focal point of your design. Stock up on beautiful bottles (cough cough Kentucky 74 cough cough) or use crystal decanters of varying heights to create visual interest.

Remember, Less is More: Don’t feel the need to put out aaaaalllllll the things at once. Neatly organize your glassware on a pretty tray, or opt for one less bottle of booze. There’s a reason minimalism is back in such a big way!

Upgrade Your Accessories: If you’re serious about cocktailing — and who isn’t?! — invest in the right tools of the trade. Your bar cart should always include a cocktail mixer, jigger, strainer, and sommelier knife.

Put the Fun in Functional: Whether it’s a whimsical cocktail napkin, bejeweled bottle stopper, or simply those old-school, sword-shaped cocktail picks, little touches reflect your unique, personal style and make all the difference.

Is your bar cart a stylish window into your soul? (Or, at the very least, the envy of all your Zoom meetings...) We’d love a peek! Tag us on Instagram @drinkspiritless to show off your bar cart decor! #LessIsYes #OrderItSpiritless