Having Fun with Every Pour: Tiffanie Barriere

Having Fun with Every Pour: Tiffanie Barriere

You know that little thrill of “Oh, snap!” you get when you meet someone completely amazing and inspirational? Well… that’s how we felt when we met mixologist and creative powerhouse, Tiffanie Barriere, aka The Drinking Coach. 

Tiffanie Barriere is the bartender’s bartender, an influencer and educator who has been awarded some of the beverage industry’s highest honors. As an independent bartender, Tiffanie is known for creative and innovative cocktail menus; hosting mixology classes around the nation; and connecting culinary and farm culture through spirits. As an industry professional, she is a member of the Tales of the Cocktail Grants Committee, the James Beard Beverage Advisory Board, and a member of the Atlanta chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier.

Like we said: completely amazing and inspirational. 

Tiffanie was kind enough to craft two new recipes featuring our Spiritless Kentucky 74 — the Bayou Sour and the Midday Jubilee— but more importantly, she was gracious enough to let us interview her on how she came to bartending, her views on the no-and-low movement, and having fun with every pour. Read on to learn more about Tiffanie, or tune in for her IG Live interview with Spiritless co-founder, Lauren Chitwood, on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. EST!

What got you into bartending and master mixology?

I come from a drinking family and have always loved watching my family entertain. Taking a sip here and there at an early age kept me curious. I jumped into bartending in my early 20’s searching for my identity and fell in love instantly with hospitality. Once I started working for Duane Nutter at One Flew South — and as there are levels to everything — I found that bartending and culinary pursuits were in the same family. Working as a chef allowed me to tap into more than cocktails; it allowed me to focus on technique, agriculture and history. 

There’s been a lot of growth in the alcohol-free arena in recent years. In your view, where do you think the NA world is heading? What trends can we be on the lookout for?
NA will thrive, as we all are now open to flavors in the glass whether it has alcohol or not. Enjoying a cocktail or no-low now doesn't have to look like juice or water. We can now expect the same excitement as we do with a cocktail, just without the proof. Bartenders across the world are focusing on giving the guest an experience along with options. NA fits right in there with it all. 

The elements of a perfect cocktail — the spirit, balancing agents, modifiers and water — are essentially the same no matter how you shake, stir or strain it. How do you bring that same balance to the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail… is the formula the same, or do we need to adjust?
There is no change when balancing liquid ingredients. Whether they are low alcohol, no alcohol or boozy, it's all about the ingredients getting to know another through dilution. 

You talk about having fun with every pour. What does that mean to you? How does that mentality “show up” in/guide your approach to life, work and play?
Having a beverage is always fun. What we put in the glass is where it gets even more exciting, as your curiosity and palate change throughout the years. I find excitement and fun in creating what we want and why. 

What’re you drinking when you’re drinking… and what are you drinking when you’re not?

I am a huge fan of tequila and rum. They both have a variety of flavors and can create a cocktail that works for every palate. When I am not drinking, it’s double steeped tea with ginger or agave.

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