Behind the name Kentucky 74

Behind the name Kentucky 74

You’ll no doubt recognize this line; it’s one of Shakespeare’s most famous, after all: 

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Well. With all due respect to ol’ William, we beg to differ. 

The Bard may have been trying to suggest that a name is nothing but an artificial social construct. (According to our ninth-grade English Lit teacher, anyway.) 

But if you’ve ever named anything  — a child, a pet, a beloved car — you know: a lot goes into the process. The right name is meaningful. Personal. Powerful.

Like our very own non-alcoholic spirit designed with your favorite bourbon cocktails in mind, Kentucky 74.

non-alcoholic, amber-colored spirit, named after the great State of Kentucky? That’s a bold move; bourbon is practically the state beverage. It begs the question: What’s in our name? 

We’re so glad you asked. 

Kentucky: We knew we wanted to honor our heritage and home state. Kentucky has played such a huge role in our past and present; it had to play a role in our future. 

74: While we aren’t producing traditional spirits, Spiritless is Kentucky’s 74th distillery. And in numerology, the number 74 signifies being on the right path, that there are better days ahead. (It’s also worth noting Victoria Beckham, Jimmy Fallon and — hello — Leonardo DiCaprio were all born in 1974. Just sayin’.) 

And there you have it. A nod to our past, present and future, all in one beautiful booze-less beauty. (And a beautiful bottle, if we do say so ourselves.)

Kentucky 74. A spiritless option for all day, every day, and any time of day… but definitely not by any other name.