Sip Sip Hooray, It's World Bartender's Day!

Sip Sip Hooray, It's World Bartender's Day!

No and low-alcoholic beverages may be the buzzy “new” drinking trend sweeping the nation*, but at Spiritless, this isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life.  In honor of World Bartender’s Day, we’re bringing two of our favorite craft cocktail makers to the forefront.  These women behind the bar have been truly inspiring, creating non-alcoholic cocktails that don’t make you feel left out of the crowd.  That’s right, they understand that we, the no-and-lowers, want more than just a seltzer and lime, and they’re paving the way with their creativity and spirit. 

First up, we have Tiffanie Barriere.  Tiffanie is the bartender’s bartender, an influencer and educator who has been awarded some of the beverage industry’s highest honors. As an independent bartender, Tiffanie is known for creative and innovative cocktail menus; hosting mixology classes around the nation; and connecting culinary and farm culture through spirits. As an industry professional, she is a member of the Tales of the Cocktail Grants Committee, the James Beard Beverage Advisory Board, and a member of the Atlanta chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier.

The low and no movement allows our beverages more approachable values and flavors. We are now leaning into flavor and quality vs caution on consumption and prices. It's become a comfortable, fun and delicious space. “ - Tiffanie Barriere 

She’s even been kind enough to craft two specialty non-alcoholic cocktails for us here at Spiritless – checkout her Midday Jubilee and Bayou Sour.  Or, read more about the many reasons to love Tiffanie in her full interview here.

Next up, let us introduce Keyatta Mincey-Parker.  After war broke out in her home country of Liberia, Keyatta left for the US with her family at the age of 12.**  Thankfully, she’s been able to create a positive stir on her time here in the US. Keyatta, a high-fashion model turned mixologist, has over twenty years experience in hospitality, fine dining, and mixology. And, she’s paving the way in the garden to glass cocktail movement while serving as the Executive Director for A Sip of Paradise Garden, a program that coordinates health and wellness seminars for its members and the surrounding community. Keyatta’s talents have earned her recognition as a top bartender, and she’s been featured in The Jack Daniels Black Book, Patron’s “In the Spirit” Campaign, Charleston, and Atlanta Food and Wine. She recently created the official cocktail for the  Liberian National Olympic Team and will be joining them in Paris in 2024.

And, while most of her career has focused on alcoholic cocktails, Keyatta happily crafts non-alcoholic creations for her guests.  "It's really refreshing that this movement has grown the way it has, I never want people to feel like they have to drink to hang out with me."- Keyatta Mincey-Parker 

So if you’re out today patronizing your favorite local watering hole, or trying out a fancy new cocktail bar, don’t forget to thank your bartender on World Bartender’s Day.  And, just a reminder, order it Spiritless.  Not sure where to go? Here’s where you can find us On the Menu near you.

* **,the%20safety%20of%20her%20family.