Cocktail Chronicles: Volume 2

Cocktail Chronicles: Volume 2

Volume 2
Music Festival season is here!

And in just a few days, it's kicking off in style with one of the biggest and hottest events - you know which one we are talking about! (4 days of music-bliss, 250K fans, over 150 artists - that one!)

Something to think about: Music festivals are definitely long day-to-night events, to ensure you and your crew can last well into the night, consider NA cocktails to alternate with your full-proof drinks. Or go HALFSIES.  A lot of venues now offer NA alternatives, be sure to check out what’s available (don’t forget to ask for Spiritless!). And sip on some H2O to stay hydrated in the festival heat!  

Something we’re loving: Our seasoned attendees are sharing a list of must-haves, must-knows, and everything in between to make sure you are ready to enjoy this season’s music festivities.  Click here for some useful tips to make sure you are more than prepared. 

Cannot wait:  There’s going to be music, and lots of it!  Here are some of the events that have us super pumped.  

Coachella - April 14th to April 23rd
Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, Frank Ocean

Boston Calling - May 26th to May 28th
Foo Fighters, The Lumineers, Paramore

Governors Ball - June 9th to June 11th
Lizzo, Odesza, Kendrick Lamar

Bonnaroo - June 15th to June 18th
Kendrick Lamar, Odesza, Foo Fighters

Lollapalooza - August 3rd to August 6th
Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, The 1975

You might not be able to bring your fave Spiritless drinks to some of the venues, but you can make sure you are fully stocked for your own backyard concert or if you’re tuning in to the livestreams at home.  Enjoy the warm weather, get your playlist ready, and dance like nobody’s watching (we’re sure your significant other loves those moves!)