6 Must-Knows For Festival Season

6 Must-Knows For Festival Season

Prepping for music festivals can get stressful. Whether it’s your first or tenth time attending, being ready can ease some anxiety. Here’s our list of 6 must-haves, must-knows, and everything in between to make sure you are ready to enjoy this season’s music festivities.

  • Make a schedule

Take a look at the festival schedule before to help you narrow down and prioritize what artists you want to see and events you want to attend. Festival schedules are usually packed with activities, amazing food vendors, and the actual music sets, so knowing what you want to do before arriving can help you get the most out of your days

  • Stay hydrated

Days at music festivals are long and hot, so staying hydrated is crucial for being able to keep up with day’s events and with your friend group. We recommend bringing an empty bottle with you to the festival grounds and locating water refill stations early in the day to make sure you have water with you all day long. This will also help you avoid having to purchase pricey water bottles while inside.

  • Bring extra phone juice

The heat, taking photos/videos, and messaging your friends can drain your phone’s battery pretty fast, so definitely pack a charger or portable charger with you. Some festivals will have stations where you can recharge your phone to make sure you’re able to locate your group. You definitely don’t want to miss out on taking videos of your favorite artist performing.

  • Read the FAQs

This one might seem obvious, but reading the FAQs can really help ease some stress of attending a festival. Become familiar with the rules of the event like what you can / can’t bring in with you, bag size restrictions, and what amenities you’ll have access to while inside. In the FAQs, you can also find helpful information about traveling to the grounds, safety, when to arrive, and more.

  • Go HALFSIES to last all day and night

Lasting all day and night can get tough if you start drinking early and not alternating your drinks with water. Find the non-alcoholic drink offerings at the festival, and go HALFSIES with your favorite spirits to keep up with your friends and stay present. 

  • Have a map on hand

Another one that may seem obvious, but having a map on your phone will help you stay organized throughout the day. Festival grounds are often really big so knowing the locations of the stage you need to be at to see your favorite performer, where you can grab a bite to eat, where the restrooms are, and where you can refill your water bottle can help you stay on schedule and make the most out of your day.