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"Three Kentucky entrepreneurs introduce a booze-free mixer for your bourbon cocktails"

"Finally, there’s a non-alcoholic bourbon substitute on sale now."

"Mix up a New Old Fashioned, a Mint Julep, you name it — no buzz, no hangover, just flavor. "

"The non-alcoholic spirit is like a new tool in the kit for people who want to do it all."

"Spiritless Kentucky 74 “Non-Alcoholic Bourbon” Aims To Be A Game Changer"

"With Spiritless’ products, people out at dinners, cocktail parties or events can switch to Kentucky 74 or cut their drinks’ alcohol level in half with it."

"Why this non-boozy bourbon has everyone talking."

"The trio is already seeing impressive demand for its Spiritless Kentucky 74."

"Three entrepreneurs pioneer the non-alcoholic bourbon industry."

"Looking for a 100-calorie old fashioned? Enter Kentucky 74 by Spiritless."

"Consumption on your terms! Spiritless allows for a tailored cocktail experience."

"They’ve even reimagined that “warming” whiskey sensation."

"A seasoned entrepreneur specializing in female owned businesses, a culinary/lifestyle guru, and an award-winning brand boss walk into a bar..."

"Make It the Summer of the Mocktail"

"Stirred into an Old Fashioned, Kentucky 74 looks and feels like bourbon."

"The product is set to launch this fall but the founders say they already have pre-orders from all 50 states."

"How 3 Young Moms are Shaking up the Bourbon Industry"

"A bourbon with no alcohol? Spiritless, a female-led distillery, is launching in Louisville"

"When three Kentucky-born friends saw a gap in the bourbon industry, they filled it—with the first-ever non-alcoholic bourbon, Kentucky 74."

"Data from the analytics firm Nielsen had anticipated a surge in low-ABV zero-proof spirits."

"Spiritless’ Kentucky 74 is a whiskey alternative meant to imitate the flavors of bourbon."

"Spiritless co-founders identified whitespace in the bourbon market for non-alcoholic alternatives."

"Her inspiring journey to create a new cocktail is delicious “food for thought” for any would-be entrepreneur starting something new."

"There is a strong and growing population that is more mindful of their alcohol intake than ever before. "

"Spiritless is making it easier and easier for those of us living an alcohol-free life to feel apart of and we are here for that."